Flatix Theme for Gnome Shell + GTK

I tried the repo versions in VM and I have the same result as you, there they work fine.

So that's strange and both good news.

@Ste74 is it possible that something is wrong with package in repo? I have no idea what's going on.

Did you try the repo version on baremetal to see if you have the same issue? Because it looks like VM is not entirely accurate for testing this.

Yes, i've tried it just few minutes ago.
Everything seems to be fine. I would even stick with XFCE but i'm too spoiled by Gnome :wink:
Please check the s-shot:

Currently running on an old modified version of "mge-flatix-theme-master" and another oldish 'oomox' theme I made.

Installing from current github mge-flatix-dark-master results in the same issues.

It may be helpful to highlight again that this is not from "window manager" settings .... but is rather the gtk setup from 'appearance' in xfce.

Being honest i don't even know how to fix this. Flatix Theme has been made for Gnome exclusively and all other DE came up just as an experiment. Simply it is nothing but re-colored version of Numix SX (base has been changed) with customized Gnome Shell theme and combined from other themes support for non-Gnome DE.
As on my hardware this issue doesn't occure i need to ask you to check also original Numix SX theme.
Also... please share with me this version of MGE Flatix you're running. Is it the same you've forked in your repo on GitHub?

Still i'm wondering what will be broken with Gnome 3.24 :stuck_out_tongue:

I see that numix-sx in aur is specifically for gnome/cinnamon .. but it does not have the same problems

And by the way - Thank You for taking the time to create things for others. Thats awesome.
I just wanted to mention a potential bug (or be told I have a f'd config ;-))

Thank you for your help :slight_smile: Looks like there's no other way like rebuilding it once again. If there's enough time, i'll try to do this before Gnome 3.24 reach Manjaro's repo.

@edskeye Hey can you tell me how to install these? I'm not on manjaro anymore so can't install from AUR

Edit: Nevermind i got it. Great theme!

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All the updates and othwr stuff can be found at github.com/edskeye :wink:

Very nice theme, but i have seen the same issue i just talked about on github, link below. I preferred to reopen this topic than to make a new one, because i would like to have the feedback from people that made and tested the themes, and have more experience in how it works ... And even if i'm talking about a different theme, the issue i mention might help also the creator/co-creator of the Flatix theme that i find to be awesome.

I didn't mentioned anything about the "black corners" under the Gnome panel ... but i'm looking into it ... :slight_smile:

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