Flatpak "kills" XFCE...(I think)

Greetings...from Melissa...to her dear fellow Linuxeans...
(analogous to the opening from a letter from Seneca to Lucilius on Groundless Fears :wink: )
I installed Flatpak on a rig (32-bit) and now I noticed a "flat" theme...the titlebars of the windows are gone and the menu/pop-up bar dont show...
I use XFCE onthat rig.
Anything I can do to remedy this?
:rainbow: :rose: :peace_symbol:
(and now you know two things from me...why I am weary of installing stuff on the main rig, and why I have this many boxes over the place... :smile_cat: )

This guy said he broke his icons due installation of flatpak messing up permission on /var/lib
might be your case as well. Might have interesting leads. See

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Weird...I did a reboot and all went well...
I'll check trhe permissions anywy, just to be sure :slight_smile:

@ButterflyMelissa Ok i think that the problem was not due to flatpak installation , but due to xfwm ( xfce window manager ) [responsible for window decorations] crash . Idk why would xfwm crash but seems reboot fixed the problem.

Well, it did...but, I'll test some more...maybe I'll even pick up somethings to learn :slight_smile:

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