For those dual booting, how likely is Windows update tend to break and we cant boot even into Linux?

Like title said, I often heard stories that single boot Linux is better because : a) users want full Linux and b) dual boot often breaks due to Windows updates (forced updates I might say).

I am on a dual boot system myself using UEFI. Installed win 10 first, shrinked the disk, then install Linux along with grub.

I ask because I am thinking of purchasing laptopa with second hard drive. So Win 10 and Linux are on their own. For those going this route, again, does Win 10 updates break your grub?

ive had win and linux (mostly not manjaro) on separate disks for years without any problem. dont think windows touches any disks other than its own


Installed in UEFI mode, you could always opt for giving Manjaro it's own EFI system partition to eliminate the possible risk of it's bootloader being overwritten when there is some major upgrade to Windows. Note that in this way you could have both systems on the same disk as well.


If you share an EFI partition then Windows update probably will overwrite grub at some point. It's easy to fix though so while using a second EFI partition is a viable preventative measure I never saw the need (also don't use Windows anymore so there's that too). Having multiple operating systems on multiple drives has always seemed counter-intuitive to me. I think it makes more sense to have a single boot drive and then a larger drive soley for data that can be accessed by both systems.

But hey, it's all preference at the end of the day.

If your plan is to have two separate drives, just install each OS to one of them and be done. If you are going to have them on the same drive, familiarise yourself with the method to fix things in advance to save time when things do go wrong.

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