Forbes Pinebook Review - Manjaro mentioned

As the title says... just a quick mention, but here ya go:

There’s support for Arch Linux, Manjaro, the aforementioned KDE Neon, Q4OS, NetBSD, Android 6.0 and more.

Third, booting up your OS is slower than you’re used to. I clocked a cold boot to KDE Neon’s desktop at 59 seconds, but it’s forgivable given that it’s a fairly demanding OS and this is quite meager hardware. The spin of Manjaro LXQT only took about 39 seconds. On the plus side, resuming from sleep only takes a few seconds

@Strit @PINE64


I think that might be the first mention of Manjaro from a "mainstream" news source.

And it's the most niche edition. :rofl:


Very nice.

Next up is a way to get my disc quota increased at OSDN, because I have hit my limit rsync says....

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