Forum avatars - some are now showing 404 not found

Something has happened to random user avatars where they are showing as image markers. if you open the link to where the image should be you get error 404. have they been removed because of inappropriate imagery?

there's a couple of threads showing this instead of normal images or letters today.




i also cant see all avatars, but mine are just blank

It seems it's a problem with "system set avatars".
Maybe Discourse made a change for default avatars that we haven't been aware off?

Maybe related to this discussion that started in the Discourse Forum a few hours ago?

Restarting the container solves it.

./launcher restart app

The problem is that nginx resolves the IP address of only on start or config reload and that we recently changed the CDN for that domain.


[ one of these days you will need more than one admin :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: ]


So in the case of this forum Level 3 and above avatars are showing? Anyhow, thanks for finding what's going on. I can never remember the name of this forum's backend. I keep thinking it's Discord which of course is another thing altogether for gamers.

it's happening again tonight

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I tried refreshing the page but it does not seem to fix the problem.

It happens from time-to-time after a Discourse container rebuild. It will come back.

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