Forum Demographics

I have been thinking about the forum and who uses the forum.

Would there be any interest or utility in collecting (anonymised) demographic data for forum members?

There was a thread March 2018

When I see some posts I suspect there are some younger users who might need cutting a little slack when their posts are very unclear or just really poor.

I guess there will always be problems with the truthfulness of responses about demographics.

This is just a request for thoughts on the subject. I am prepared to be laughed out of town at the end of a pointy stick.

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Just add a poll to your post. Why not? But keep the checkbox "Show who voted" unchecked.
As far as I know admins also can't see who voted if the settings is unchecked.
Edit: But I think age information should be enough.

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Thanks, good idea.

I'll see if there are any other thoughts first.

There is age poll somewhere already if my memory don't fail me. But it can be pretty old, don't remember when I've seen it.

I only remember "How old is your installation" threads.

There is age poll somewhere already if my memory don't fail me

we could do an age/memory fail correlation using poll data!

If I remember correctly majority users are something about 40 years and higher.

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Or how many of users here are English native speakers?

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Ah yes the internet. Where the men are men, women are men, and children are FBI agents.


These are the kind of ideas I'd like to garner before creating a poll.


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Is there nothing they won't do? They train children as FBI agents, now.


Thanks for this.

What's your opinion on renewing the poll and adding in language or other variables?

You need a new badge "I remember that one, too."


Personally, I don't see much value in it but if others do it is fine with me.

Concerning age you can still vote on the old one. I've just done it.

Mich auch

Try to enter "du mich auch" in the translator. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:
The right translation of "me too" would be "ich auch".

Translator took the american approach - apply rammstein and hope.

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I was dredging up my school-gull German... anyone can use an on-line translator... only I can use my faulty memory

edit: I hope only I can use my faulty memory

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