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I recently installed the Manjaro 18.1.3 KDE Plasma version on my ZBook with intel and NVIDIA gpu. The installation all went well. Then pacman noted I had some packages who needed an update so I started the update. However pacman was stuck on checking internal conflicts or something like that. So eventually I shut the computer down. Then when I tried to login in again the computer freezes after I filled in my password, I tried this an few times but could not login. So I booted the system using the advanced option and booted on the other kernel. This works as I could login again however pacman again asked for update so I tried it again maybe not as wisely. But the same problem occured where I took ages to complete after which I shut down the computer. And again when restarting it I could not login again as after entering my password it gave a black screen with only my cursor.

I searched only for this problem and found out that it could be something to do with improper NVIDIA drivers. However the first install everything worked fine. So maybe is it due to the fact the updates could not finished properly.

If somebody knows what might be the cause of it and how i could prevent the issue.

Because I just installed it would like to reinstall the kernel or manjaro if that isn't possible. I split up my ssd in different partitions one for root /, /home, /data (ntfs because I dual boot with windows) and swap partition. I saw there was an option when installing to use the /home partition again however my question is can I also add the /data partition and swap partition or do I need to mount it myself after?

I am still kinda new to linux and I am wondering where the second kernel is for I couldn't find any explaintion on it.

Sorry, if I am not as clear.

Thank you

Try to chroot into your system as described here:

and then provide as much as possible information of your system as decribed here:

Interruptions of the update process are fatal and could cause system breakage. If you have saved all your user data and your installation is quiet fresh you could alternatively think about reinstalling. Before updating then provide the requested info of course :grin:

Edit: If you used Pamac for updating it's worth to look into this thread to understand potential reasons for your troubles.


Never ever do that in the middle of upgrading.

Always pay attention to exact error/warning messages.

I think you're confusing pacman with pamac. pacman never checks for updates by itself and/or asks the user to update.
For future reference: Please be clear, which program you were using when the upgrade process "... got stuck...".


Thank you for the the links. I will look in to them.

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I understand however it was checking inter-conflicts for at least a few hours, so i thought it was stuck.

I didn't really did not saw any error messages only that it was stuck on that thing forever.

And Yes i think it was pamac.

I've adjusted the title and added the #pamac tag to alert "the right crowd" of helping/understanding hands.

And you were right to think that. I would have come to the same conclusion and wouldn't even have waited hours.

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