Fresh Manjaro install, ethernet not working.

Me again :sweat_smile:

My partner is giving Manjaro a go on her desktop.
Unfortunately the ethernet doesnt seem to be working , but still works on Win10 just fine.
I may have to resort to literal photos of the monitor to relay information.
It seems to 'attempt' a wired connection down in the tray, but then fails and disappears.
Tried restarting DHCP service and it seemed to be waiting on carrier...

It was the same on the USB Live version.
Also, I'm pretty sure the driver might be incorrect, I recall seeing some weird Nvidia driver controlling the ethernet in my limited knowledge delving? I can get pictures of that if needed, but figured it'd be better if you guys ask the information you need.
We don't have any way to hook it up to wireless currently, so I'm using my laptop to type this up :sweat_smile:

on th off chance that it might work rightclick your network icon, click configure network connections, then click the dropdown box for restrict to device and see what you have in there. if there is nothing to switch to try clicking the + to add a new connection. i goofed in kubuntu installing something and broke my wired connection. i figured clicking the add couldn't hurt, so i did and the newly created one worked.

There's one in the 'restrict to device' section for enp0s7, I created a new one anyway because like you said, couldnt hurt! but unfortunately no avail

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have you try with no-free drivers ?


Some more info for the Linux gods to pick trough based off some research I've done

try using the proprietary nvidia drivers as @stephane suggested.

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Just fixed it!
I found an old thread you were a part of with the same issue.
Link to thread

Mine didnt go quite the same, but VERY close.
with a combination of

sudo modprobe -r forcedeth
sudo modprobe forcedeth

A lot of up/down switching, disabling MSI... it eventually sprang to life! It's also stuck after a reboot :smiley:

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