From Mint To Grub Rescue on Manjaro

Hello, please bear with me, I have bad eyesight (disabled) and had 12 strokes, also leading to disability in the form of aphasia. It means I can't understand as I used to.

Okay, so I started my IT career on a Sanyo MBC-1150 running on CP/M-80 with 4 or 8 k RAM and a 64K ROM. That was roughly forty years ago. I have been using LinuxMint Cinnamon for the past decade or so, after having tried from AriOS to Zorin. Mint Cinnamon always just worked BUT, there is a deficiency. It doesn't really do KDE apps well, as I need KDE Connect for my Samsung Galaxy S7, for interactivity. I want to transfer photos, contacts, etc., to the laptop via bluetooth.
In Windows 10 Pro build 1909 and always updated, the Bluetooth doesn't really work with the Samsung's Android 8.0 Oreo, also always up to date. Don't even mention updating, I am diligent yet it doesn't help.
So I fled to Manjaro after having had a bad Kubuntu experience in that Kubuntu apps didn't always work. I downloaded the Manjaro KDE ISO last night, made a bootable Sandisk USB -flash drive and booted the hardware, a Lenovo Thinkpad Edge E540 with Intel 1i7 4702MQ 2,2GHz CPU, 8GB DDR3, 256GB Samsung SSD. Pretty fast for Linix as I only browse, do office work, back up to external RCT 1TB HDD USB3.0 and otherwise email. That's it.

So, today, I installed Manmjaro KDE, it ran well and I updated the software first, then set up the Plasma and stuff, then rebooted. Up came GRUB and a dead laptop. On a brand new installation.

I spent all afternoon to install my Windows 10 Pro as I have urgent volunteer work to do.

Why would GRUB come up blank on reboot? It booted well the first time.

What do I do when the screen just shows a grub and some dialogue and nothing else? I did it ages ago but the brain damage after the many strokes really doesn't aid me. Can anyone please help as I want to dual-boot at least.

Thank you

Use this.

Thanks, it looks fairly involved. I will bookmark this.

This is a slightly abridged version of @gohlip's guide that might be a bit easier to follow. Just be sure to check the disclaimer at the top. My version assumes an EFI install on sda. If that matches your setup you can just copy and paste the commands.

Hi @Blootvoet

I started out on a DEC 10 mainframe at university and used DBII on CP/M OS. If I recall rightly you had to use "Park" command at the end of the day to park the head on the disc-drive. I think that was 1985-ish.

I was an embryo inside an eggshell perched on the edge of a sea-cliff at the time.

Stick around and, with your digital pedigree, I am sure you'll get the support you need here.
Please be aware; I think I'm correct in saying that there have been a lot of new people in the forum recently who have expectations the forum just can't meet.

I still class myself as a Newbie, so welcome to the house of fun.

Firstly, Welcome to Manjaro Linux! :smiley:

There's a lot of us old farkers here so you're well met! :slight_smile:

Kick back and enjoy the ride.


Thanks.....and I only smiled at DBII and parking disk heads. My old 20MB HDD....

I had only Manjaro on the SSD, since wiped it, installed Windows 10 Pro to get urgent work done and am doing a dual-boot install on the SSD right now.

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