Gamepad only usable by a root user

Hello, some days ago I wrote a post asking for assistance with some issues I'm having with gamepads in Manjaro.
After some digging, I realized that they were unusable because only a root user could use them, if I run a program who could use the pad as sudo, I could use it. That was hardly a solution though, because running emulators as sudo brings a myriad of problems with sound.
After some more digging, reading the gamepad article on the archlinux wiki ( in the section about the gamecube controller talks about editing an udev rule so the controller can be used by non root users. So I edited the files /lib/udev/rules.d/71-Sony-Controllers.rulesand /lib/udev/rules.d/71-Hori-Controllers.rules, one for a Dualshock 4 I have and the other for a Hori Fighstistick. I only edited the modes, from MODE=0660to MODE=0666 reloaded and... nothing. How can I make these devices usable by a standard user via udev rules? I'm a beginner so I'm not really able to figure this one out.

MODE=0660 should work (and do work on my computers) for both PS3 and PS4 controllers.

Can you install jstest-gtk-gitAUR and see if the controller shows up there? You'll need to press the PS button before you can see controller input in Properties.

Do you have game-devices-udev installed on your system with Pamac/pacman? It has a bunch of device rules and I haven't had too many problems.

If that was intended to be directed at me, yes, I have that installed as well - I believe that package is installed by default and is what allows most gamepads to work out of the box.

MODE=0660 was already established and didn't work for me, and the pads don't show on jstest, unless I change the permissions of /dev/input/js0shodily.
I just decided to do a fresh reinstall on manjaro, doesn't annoy me since I've been using this computer for a short time. I only hope it doesn't happen to me again.

I believe you need to add your user to group input. My Xiaomi gamepad works fine with normal users, my udev rule is only to symlink it to a more predictable name for scripting purpose.

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also to the group plugdev

sudo groupadd plugdev
sudo groupadd input
sudo usermod -a -G plugdev $USER
sudo usermod -a -G input $USER

groupadd is just incase group does not exist

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