Games with Japanese fonts (tekken 7)

Many games like tekken 7 japanese fonts just appear in square Screenshot%20from%202020-01-16%2021-49-46

On the top right my username comes in japanese as well as other people having japanese names. most of the CJK fonts come in square on games. Tried changing locale and installing many fonts like noto-cjk adobe cjk fonts but didnt work. Any idea ? Thanks ! :slight_smile:

Which programme are you using?

Hi, you could try to install ttf-ms-fonts from the AUR.
As this is a Wine/Proton issue you may have to install corefonts into the wine prefix of steam via protontricks. If that doesn't help you could also try the various fakejapanese fonts.

Good Luck!

@d7rk Its steam with proton. (tried multiple versions)
@pux I did install ttf-ms-fonts also i did install all cjk and all fonts from winetricks.

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