Gaming in Manjaro

Hi! I have recently switched over from Ubuntu 20.04 to Manjaro. I've been interested in the new gaming culture on Linux and decided to give it another try.

I bench-marked "War Thunder' on windows 10, Ubuntu running xanmod and Manjaro. Manjaro ended up being the winner, barely beating out windows. However, I am making videos on my benchmarks and uploading them to my you-tube channel. All the benchmarks were run in 4k and max settings. Unfortunately, windows was the only contender able to provide HDR support, so they do get extra points.

I will keep this post updated and post the links to the results as soon as I'm finished. So far I've tested, steam wine dxvk (with proton and with GE-proton), linux native, wine vulkan vkd3d no-steam (which looks the best but EAC is buggy), and windows 10. I'm using Lutris to launch everything.

I'm also going to be bench-marking with "War Frame" using the "corpus.outbreak" login. It's basically stress test/benchmark. If you have any ideas or suggestions, let me know! Thanks.

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Looks like this could be possible, ex

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That is exciting. It just seems like a matter of time.

I'm currently preparing to build my own gaming rig and will be running Manjaro, so I'll be watching this spot with interest :+1:

I made a short little video tonight. These are by far the best results I got so far from across all systems. The graphic settings are at 4k with max settings.

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Looks really good!

What DE are you using, and what sort of components do you have aboard your rig other than the hard-drives and GPU, e.g. CPU & RAM?

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Hey, thanks!

i5-10600k OC to 5.0ghz
MSI MPG z490 Gaming Edge Wifi
32gb Corsair PC-2666/OC PC-4000

For the SSD I'm actually using one that's not listed in the video. It's an external Samsung T7 500gb. I'm also using KDE Plasma.

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Yup. Your system is a bit of a beast! :wink:

I've the following components:

Ryzen 5 1600 AF (might get a 3600, or at least I'm seriously thinking about it)
Artic Freezer 34 eSports DUO
MSI B-450M Mortar Max
2x8gb Crucial Ballistix 3000mhz CL15
Bequiet Pure Power 11 600W 80-Plus Gold
Zotac Geforce GTX 1660 Twin Fan 6gb
WD Blue SSD 250gb
Corsair SPEC-DELTA Carbide RGB

I'll be overclocking everything, and looking to upgrading in 2/3 years max.

Might as well wait for the release of the 4000 series for desktop imo. At least for mobile, the changes from 3000 series to 4000 series was really good. I assume the desktop Ryzen CPUs will be the same. But then to be fair, the 3000 series will probably be cheaper once the 4000 series drop.

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Thanks for the tip. I agree it's something to consider, and the 3000 line will drop quite a bit in all logic...which is the best scenario in my case for future upgrading on a budget.

Mobile Ryzen 4000 uses the same architecture as Desktop Ryzen 3000. That said, I agree with your advice, as he is using an MSI motherboard there may be a way to keep the same board and move to a 4000 series CPU, depending on what MSI chooses to do for that model. Even if they don't it should at least drop the 3000 series prices, its what I have planned for my PC as well.

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We shall see, water will pass beneath the bridge in between now and then, so to speak...

There was a rather abusive attempt to force potential Ryzen buyers into purchasing newer mother boards a few months back(remember?). Luckily they backed off sharpish with the stink it quite naturally kicked up, realizing that they weren't going to be able to shaft clients as easilly as they thought they could. :wink:

Nothing beats windows on overall compability.
But nothing to brag about, until windows 10 they didn't even provide any drivers.
It's a market though, it's not cost efficient for manufacturers to support multiple OS.

All in all, gaming? Windows.

Windows? It's swings and roundabouts basically... It depends on what you're willing to loose to gain elsewhere.

So. Gaming? Still Windows, perhaps...but not for ever. The turn around has begun already albeit slowly.

Yeah and AMD backed down on it partially, leaving it up to the board partners to decide whether or not they would add 4000 CPU support to 400 series motherboards. It is generally expected that MSI will be the one to support this the best as they have had a large amount of marketing material saying that this would be the case before AMD made the announcement so they have a lot of face to lose if they support it poorly.

Sure, for some people that is the case. Gaming is my main pastime/hobby and I haven't booted my Windows partition since at least February if not last year. Between Proton, Wine and native games there is plenty of gaming to be done on Linux :slight_smile:

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Same here.... since i tend not to play to many games that are multiplayer or are made by the big AAA Studios i tend not to have to much problem to find something to play.... quite a lot of my stuff even has native linux versions. So i had no real problem there switching.

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Currently running KDE Plasma with the 5.4 kernel, I'll be sticking with Manjaro and moving over to a stable non-LTS kernel, when I actually get to put together my gaming rig. The only potential head-scratcher will be choosing my GPU drivers...

How do you mean?

Use a Radeon card, no thinking about drivers needed :slight_smile:

I'll agree on the AAA games part, but I seem to be doing well for multiplayer. CSGO, Stellaris, Doom 2016, 7 Days To Die (without EAC), Albion Online, War Selection and SCP: Secret Laboratory are all games I have played multiplayer this year without issue.

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Its not like there is a question either way.
amd is same with intel.
nvidia is not. if you are running AAA games, etc your only choice the the proprietary driver.

Not a lot of wiggle room as fa as I can see.

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