GDM Prime/Optimus install errors: removing gdm breaks dependency 'gdm' required by manjaro-gdm-tweak

Hi Everyone!

I just installed Manjaro having swapped from Pop because I was getting frustrated with things breaking when I tried to fix them there.

I'm currently hung up on getting Optimus setup for my nvidia graphics card so I can swap between intel and nvidia. I'm stuck on the spot where I need GDM Prime installed rather than simple GDM.

I keep hitting errors like these:
removing libgdm breaks dependency 'libgdm' required by gnome-shell
removing gdm breaks dependency 'gdm' required by manjaro-gdm-tweak

Does this mean I have to completely remove the manjaro-gdm-tweak tool as well? Will I be able to reinstall it? (I'm assuming no if I'm moving to prime?)

Been trying to find a good answer to this, but I haven't seen it.

Can anyone help me out? Please let me know what I can share that might be helpful.

EDIT: I got past this an uninstalled the tweak, but now every time I swap it loads to a black screen. I found the Ctrl+Alt+F5 and swap to help with the loading, but is there a way to fix this? It does this every time I swap and itโ€™s a bit frustrating.

:+1: Welcome to Manjaro! :+1:

Try this first:

and report back with specific output or error messages when you get stuck.

To overwrite this dependency problem:

sudo pacman -Rns manjaro-gdm-tweak
pamac build gdm-prime

When it's done installing, run

sudo systemctl enable gdm

and reboot.

I have to put it into the guide, because more people are having problems with it. Gnome is problematic in general. Plus gdm shows other issues as well

@jmstump you may want to check this topic:

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