Gdm theme for the next gnome edition release

New gnome edition release is upon us and we are choosing the gdm theme for the release.

Option 1: stick with the old theme

Screenshot from 2020-01-31 12-38-10

Option 2: New gdm theme by @bogdancovaciu

Screenshot from 2020-01-31 12-34-06

Option 3: Use default gnome noise.png
Screenshot from 2020-01-31 13-25-44
Option 4: Something else. Do you have a better suggestion than the options presented here?

  • 1 Old theme
  • 2 New theme
  • 3 Default gnome noise
  • 4 Something else

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While I have not used Gnome for a long time - checking by from time to time - Gnome should be zen - calm - controlled - and the Gnome default feels that way.

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Theming are always a nuts.. Hope gdm 4 coming soon...

Usually there would be no point in polling about display manager background, but since the process with changing gdm background is too complicated for many people, it actually makes sense here.

There doesn't seem to be forming strong concensus about the matter. I think that the old theme match the matcha theme best, while noise and new theme would better match adwaita-maia. Currently two of the three themes are packaged. I think we could package all three so people can choose what they want regardless of the default.


Please don't bother with the background of GDM. It will never satisfy everybody, and making a graphic that tiles nicely on every resolution, and cover every user taste is not going to be a successful task anytime soon.
If the old theme matches Matcha then simply make the background that color, without the stripes. For many looks like a glitch or artifact. :wink:

Hi ! I've tried 2 manjaro-gdm-theme (2019 and -dev ones) and what annoy me the most is the switch from vendor logo (or bootsplash theme for me) to gdm theme, then back to vendor logo ; and then the desktop pop up.
Is there a way to have a homogeneous boot sequence ?
It it possible with only one background picture? (to rule them all :face_with_hand_over_mouth:)

Two options:

  1. enable wayland session.
  2. disable the gdm workaround that saves 300Mb ram

Option 1 is not default because some users have nvidia and their drivers don't work well with wayland. Option 2 is not default because some people have only 4Gb ram, and wasting 300Mb on smoother transition is excessive.

What workaround are you talking about?
Is it replacing gdm? by what ?
As I came to manjaro to be able to use my hybrid Gpu laptop (thank optimus-switch and dglt!) and succeed with the community help, I would be interesting knowing more about it

Oh that old GDM theme just brings me back to a year ago when I just installed Manjaro GNOME... Good times even though I moved on to XFCE.

If xorg is used, gdm is running an extra instance of xorg, gnome-shell and all the gnome-settings-daemon components. They don't actually do anything during the desktop session, they are just waiting for you to return to the login screen. The workaround is a postlogin script that kills the gdm xorg and gnome-shell after you log in, so you are using resources only on the session you are actually using. When you log out, gdm components are automatically restarted by the gdm service. The only adverse effect is seeing your bootsplash or console output briefly when you log in or out.

If you want a smoother experience, then you might want to try out wayland session. It also uses a bit more resources than the xorg version, but at least it is not wasted on running something that you cannot use.

Thank you for your explanations, :exploding_head:
I will have to test all these, without breaking my system first

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