General approach to updating?


I'm new to Manjaro, relatively new to Linux in general and mainly a casual user. That means that first and foremost I don't want to break my system when updating.
I'm using Manjaro xfce.

Are the default settings of the update manager set up in a way that allows me to install updates everytime when I get the notification without doing a lot of research about what updates I should/shouldn't install?
Am I already on the safe side if I only keep away from the AUR for now?
What settings should or shouldn't I enable?
Does the update manager update everything that's important or do I additionally have to manually update with pacman from time to time?

Thanks in advance and I'm looking forward to using Manjaro for a longer time. Really liking it so far.

The default (i.e. stable channel) is okay for you. You will get updates every 10 days or so.

It's recommended to have a look in the announcement section of this forum before doing the upgrade. It often contains valuable information in case something breaks or changes.
If you keep away from AUR, you should be fine and not run into any big trouble.

The update manager is just a frontend to pacman. It will update all the packages by invoking pacman. If you don't use AUR, manual intervention is not required, or only in very specific cases like major upgrades, in which case information is generally provided in the announcement section.

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Just to be on a safe side, make a backup before update. To backup the whole drive some like to use clonezilla. Other prefer to just copy home on a safe place. Having separate home partition helps also

Also I would suggest (if you don't know yet) to get familiar in advance how to switch to tty (log into non gui environment) and how to do a chroot. Can't hurt to know this in advance. Here are few links for you :slight_smile:

CTRL+ALT+F2 <= to enter tty, enter username and password
CTRL+ALT F7 <= to switch back to gui, if problems with guy you may need to restart computer

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