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Hello! So I had a laptop with windows 10 and Linux Mint. I deleted the linux Mint partition and then I cot stuck in the grub. After that I reinstalled Mint and my laptop seemed to work. Then I deleted again the Mint partition, followed a tutorial to restore the boot windows boot loader and installed ) anjaro on one of those partitions that allow the user to make more partition inside of it ( I'm very sorry I can't remember the name of it ). And now I get stuck in the grub every time I open it (see the attached Image).

Can you help me ?
P.S just to be clear my laptop has Manjaro and windows 10 on it and previously had Mint

When you deleted Mint, and if the default grub was from Mint, it will to grub rescue because there is no grub anymore in Mint.

You say you have Manjaro. How do you boot that up? Do you not boot that from Manjaro's grub or did you boot from Mint's grub? If Mint is removed, of course you cannot boot into Manjaro anymore.

Show us from a livecd boot where your manjaro is.
'sudo parted -l' (small 'L', all disks). But you must answer how you boot Manjaro. It will help in the solution.


I used extended partition 4 and made 3 other partitions wich contain manjaro


I don't because I'm stuck on the grub. The screenshot is taken on a live USB

I think you have never booted Manjaro after its installation; but if you did, pray tell do you boot manjaro, even at all.. with or without Mint. Please confirm you've never booted manjaro. Tell us, tell us. Must tell us.

Use this first post to boot manjaro. . Start up livecd in bios-legacy mode.
Then at its terminal, provvide

sudo blkid
cat /etc/fstab

Right, I'll tell you. You have installed Manjaro in uefi mode in an msdos disk.
You cannot do that.
Please reinstall Mnajro, this time in bios-legacy mode. Start and install manjaro always in bios-legacy mode.

It's true I haven't actually booted manjaro on my laptop I'll try to do what you said but I think the problem is with the grub because my other Live USB recognises that I have installed manjaro on my laptop

No, that is not the problem. You had installed Manajro in uefi mode, that's all and you should not do this. That's all. We can rescue it, but I think in this case it will be much of a hassle, for you and for me.

If you want to know and now that's not important anymore, because I do not the information eatlier, I had thought you installed correctly (in bios-legacy) and Mint is the default grub, so when you uninstalled Mint, there goes your booting grub and hence you got into grub rescue prompt. But I'm surprised that you could have booted Manjaro from Mint grub and if you could, you would have fixed this simple problem. Anyway, I always try to explain. But you can ignore this paragraph if it doesn't make sense to you.

Now, please reinstall Manjaro. In bios-legacy mode. Install will let you install in uefi mode, but don't. You can reuse sda5 as it root partition and use sda6 as swap. You can ignore sda7. Leave it alone.

Good luck, See you around. Take care.

Sorry to continue bothering you but my laptop uses uefi instead of an bios and my grub doesn't even recognize my windows 10 ( wich I know for sure is installed correctly )

No bother. But ... can you boot windows?

No I can't

Precisely. If you cannot boot windows, you have also installed windows wrongly.
But if you can, I'll ask you to check if your windows is really uefi or bios-legacy using this or one of many other methods. Then you will find that your windows is really in bios-legacy and not uefi. Many have thought that just because their windows is windows 10, it must be uefi. Not true.

Anyway, if your windows had been working before (before installation of Mint or Manjaro), your windows is in bios-legacy mode. So find a way to install Manjaro in bios-legacy mode. Check your bios-setup to see if that can be done (bios-legacy). If you can install in bios-legacy, you may get back your windows (if it had been working before). Installing another linux OS in uefi will never get back your windows if windows is in bios-legacy.

Just find a way to install in bios-legacy.

If you want to try to install in uefi, you must redo your disk in gpt (not msdos) and you will lose everything in that disk, including your windows.

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That's the thing I was able to boot into windows. Here is how it all went:

  1. I had windows on my laptop. Everything was fine I could acces windows 10 no problem

  2. I installed Linux Mint alongside windows 10 . Everything is fine I can acces both windows and mint and the grub is working properly

  3. I deleted the Mint partition from windows. Grub doesn't work, can't acces windows
    59295423_131856914580189_9081774373924241408_n ( this is a photo of my grub )

  4. I reinstall mint . Everything works.

  5. Delete Mint. Install Manjaro. And we are back at 3

The point is windows was working

Correct. I understand.
Your Mint was installed in bios-legacy.
Manjaro can be installed in bios-legacy.

As said, when Mint was uninstalled, you will get to a grub prompt.

If you want, and I don't mind, reinstall your Mint, make sure you can boot also into Windows then come back here. I'll ask for a few output from Mint terminal and show why that works.
It's okay whatever you want to do next.

Take your time. It's late here.

I'll do that. Thank for your support!

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