GIMP fails with libexiv2 version mismatch

Problem launching GIMP:

gimp: error while loading shared libraries: cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory

Which branch are you using?

It launches fine on my side (Testing branch).

(It is also a package that is imported from Arch Linux.)

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Where did you get that copy of gimp from? You appear to have one that is linked against a newer version of libexiv2 than what is currently available in the stable repos.

Are you using an Arch repo somewhere?

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Hi @Frog and @dalto ,

I am using manjaro deepin, now on testing.
I have deleted and reinstalled gimp from pacman GUI hours ago, same result.

perhaps the lib was installed as a dependency of an AUR package?, Or 1 day that I tried unstable?

What is the output of:

sudo pacman -Syyu
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output was aroung a GB of updates, while Pamac said all was fine.

If I uninstall Pamac, and update from now on from terminal with pacman would I have any system problem.

I really start to hate Pamac :rage:.

GIMP working, all good.

Thanks @dalto

You would have most likely got the same result if you did a "Refresh databases" in Pamac, which is the closest to pacman -Syyu (Pamac will offer you to do updates if there is updates available after refreshing databases).

To verify updates, Pamac does something similar to the checkupdate command.

As for why it failed to see updates by itself and how you managed in that bizarre situation, I have no idea why. I have not seen such an issue on my side, and I use Pamac GTK almost exclusively for usual package management. :confused:

Well, there was definitely something not normal that happened on your side. If you can manage to reproduce the issue and explain how to reproduce it and in which configuration, it would maybe be possible to improve it.

Not sure, but as before also sometimes when big server repos updates Pamac instead of helps made partial updates and create big messes, without noticing or saying there are updates but not fully sync with server, etc...

To me it was time to say "Bye" to Pamac, I just don't consider it good enough to manage system updates when using a rolling release distro ,and with an user who changes branch repos quite often.

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