GitLab @ Manjaro

I think it could be good to have a topic about gitlab. While I like it its hard to make the switch and so if there are some questions, lets put them together in here.

The first thing is - as everything is fresh and still moving - is there somthing we can help with? For example I want to move my pkg to gitlab@manjaro (and make some changes in the progress). Is there something I can do to help with this?

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I think all you have to do is create an account and then use the server as a git remote.

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manjaro-gitlab is reserved only for manjaro projects, you cannot create your aur or personal repo

You can only fork a repo manjaro
pressing the "Edit" button will automatically create a fork in "file page"

But in case the package is not moved from github to gitlab, I need to wait right now (since I dont have any rights to create something on manjaro gitlab (MGL)?

Wait, did any development moved or something already, or is that a mirror that always existed?

If you mean steam.. Yes.. I AM in order to merge your request in our github community repo. After when @philm move also our community project we see how manage it :wink:

yes community and extra is being transferred, the rest is moved

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I hope this was already something scheduled (like for freedesktop) out of a mix of ideological and technical reasons, rather than totally due to psychological scare which was all over the place in some linux circles.

Nice to hear that the PR is not lost :smiley: Thanks!

Ahh! Thanks for that link :smiley:

Gitlab offer a plus respect at github.. Now manjaro have an ultimate license in gitlab :grin:



It's actually a move to a better plattform. It's not tht github is too bad, but it's really limited for projects like manjaro. For example my biggest hate-thing when I do something for Manjaro is easily possible with gitlab. So I could finally work on stuff, when I'm not at home :+1:

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Could tell you, already not having "branch presence" of a commit when you see one, is already a downside of its web interface...
Anyway, seeing how phil kept that aplomb while announcing the thing (also, one day early then official announcement) I'm hopefully fine he hadn't mind crazed by red scare.

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I see, I see, thanks you all.

I knew how to use github, but for some reason i am completely lost in gitlab. Can someone explain how i can contribute to Manjaro projects? I can't seem to be able to fork, or create PR...

page project : fork
or one file page button "Edit"
with the Edit button the PR is automatic

The Fork button is greyed out for me. And when i try to edit i get "You are not allowed to edit in this project directly" and then this:

Thats the point. It's not open for everyone (right now). You cant really do anything in there as "not member".

If you want to play around with gitlab for now, create an account on and do it in there. :grin:

Okk! Thank you, i don't know why i thought that it'd be open to PRs for everyone ^^

Is it just me or there are tons of packages missing?

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