Give root access to Pulseaudio

I'm using ffmpeg to capture my screen. I'm using the kmsgrab device to get video directly from the video card which is a lot more efficient than using x11grab. kmsgrab requires superuser privileges to work correctly, and I invoke those privileges using pkexec, as I am recording the desktop of a non-sudo user. This means that ffmpeg is running under a different user and can no longer access pulseaudio, even with superuser privileges.

I am aware of the option of running pulseaudio system-wide, but I'd like to avoid this as it is a potential security issue. Is there a way of giving only root access to pulseaudio temporarily?

A workaround would be to record audio separately and then merge audio and video, but I'm worried about running into synchronization issues.

Did you already try pulseaudio -D as root?

If you are aware of the implications and the potential risks imposed

Even if it is a bad idea - it is your system - and your responsibility



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