GLIBC not found kernel panic

Unfortunately.. i have to type this on my phone. Excuse my mistakes. I havetried to upgrade docker and typed a yes to a prompt about a conflict with systemmd... resulting in losing GLIBC...basically i couldn't do much after that point so rebooted and now I'm getting a kernel panic. Difficult to troubleshoot this using a phone. ... basically i have no knowledge about kernels and operating systems and i was hoping there's a slack channel to get some live help.... ( took me ten minutes to create this account here because nothing i try today is really mobile friendly...) I can get to grub but i have no idea what to type there. I can get my partner's window computer and a usb stick to create whatever is required . My manjaro is on a lenovo thinkpad, no cd reader. 1559850369160-1043203497

Looks like you ended up in a "partial upgrade" state.

You'll have to use a chroot and run a full update on the installed system, e.g.:

I'll try @jonathon Thanks!

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got upto step 6. all packages downloaded then :

error: dunst: signature from "Matti Hyttinen ... is unknown trust 

basically two corrupted or invalid packages and the transaction aborted.
tried twice so far..

Almost there.

that one passed...
now I get conflicting files due to npm:
a few hundred error messages like the following:

npm: /usr/,,,,,/equal.js exists in file system

Thanks. @jonathon

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