Gnome black screen after installing Nvidia Proprietary drivers + Prime

Firstly, apologies if the post seems incoherent. I would be using mobile for this purpose since my machine is not usable.

I was following [HowTo] Set up PRIME (output offload) with NVIDIA proprietary driver . And now Manjaro boots to black screen.

$ inix -Fxzc0
Gets stuck after this. Similarly when using $ mhwd -li, machine freezes.
I have Intel/Nvidia 1050 GPU. Please ask for more information if necessary.
Added : $ glxinfo | grep -i vendor outputs Error: unable to open display
Thank you

Sounds like you rebooted before setting up your DM, or you didn't make sure you were fully up-to-date before following the guide.

Either way, you need to get to a login prompt. If you can't switch to a text console you need to use a chroot.

I'm on tty1. We can move ahead.
Regarding the reboot, yes I had to reboot the system because I used $ lspci | grep -E "VGA|3D" to confirm busID and it got stuck. My machine is upto date.

OK, great, so you can follow through the rest of the guide.

Yes I did, but it is still failing.

In what way?

If you can boot the system and reach a text console that means it's a graphics driver issue and you can check logs to narrow down the cause.

By failing I mean it reboots to black screen.
Yes, I know it's driver issue but $ mhwd -li fails, $ inxi fails as well. I need a bit of assistant. I can't even remove the drivers. Machine freezes.

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There have been a few similar issues, e.g.

I suspect it will need some "trial and error" to find the correct boot parameters for your particular hardware.

Did I mention that Optimus is a complete pain?

If you can disable the iGPU in the BIOS it makes things much easier to configure, and given you have a Pascal-based dGPU you're not losing much, if anything, in terms of battery life.

I tried this one, didn't help. I will research a bit more. Thank you.

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The other alternative is to undo the steps (i.e. follow in reverse) to at least get you back to a working system...

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