GNOME Boxes - Accsess host filesystem via samba


I run Manjaro 18.1 GNOME Edition.
To use certain study related software, I have set up a GNOME Boxes box with MS Windows 10 Education.
So now I've tried to find a good and easy way to get files in and out of that VM.
This is what seemed to me to be such a way:

So I installed samba, manjaro-settings-samba, libwbclient and nautilus-share from the Manjaro repos, and shared my local "Documents" folder via the Nautilus GUI. Also I used smbpasswd -a username to create a samba password for my account.

Now I tried to accesses that folder from the VM via the Windows Explorer and the following path:


Which results in an error message: "Windows can't find: "\\Documents".

What do I miss? Or does anybody know of a better way to get files in and out of a VM box?

Thanks for your help!

One vital point is how your VM gets the IP address.

For a VM to be able to reach the local network, the network device for your VM needs to work in bridge mode getting an IP address from what ever authority you are running on your network - in most cases your router.

Then follow this basic setup

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