Gnome crashes 3.30.2 after unlocking (it happens sometimes)

gnome 3.30.2 crashes and places indicator disappears everything gets normal after restart.

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you need to provide more detailed info about the issue, also:

And keep the normal Gnome debugging path in mind. At first disable all extensions.

If the problem goes away, enable one extension after the other until it brakes.

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I had some issues with Dash to dock extension so, as the fellas above said, please provide more information.

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The extension "user themes" is the latest culprit of weird Gnome behavior, so turn it off and do some testing.

I can say from personal experience that it was the fault for my wake from sleep problems on one pc (no mouse or keyboard after sleep so not able to login) and another even weirder thing where it was causing my laptop to reboot instead of shutdown.

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I have same issue. It appears randomly at screen unlocking.

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