[GNOME] Editing gno-menu entries

I wonder if there's any way to hide default entries in gno-menu. PLease check the attached picture.
As you can see those are not translated (as my native language is Polish). That's why i'd like to hide those 3 entries or just translate them. What i need to know is whre to find correct files. Tried to use MenuLibre, but those three are not visible in the editor.

Ps. Sorry if my post isn't written well - that's my first one here.

I guess in the gnome-tweak tool, there is a section about extension.
find gno-menu there, and in front of it there should be preferences button. (usually like gear or 3 - lines).
there you can configure-your gno-menu, I guess there are option for changing what is seen in the menu

Nope, this can't be switched off via gno-menu settings - would be too obvious.
Even wanted to edit manualy config files from:


but there's nothing about stuff i'm looking for.

@Ste74 is our resident GNOME expert and also pretty dang good with dconf-editor. If it can be done using that tool, he can do it. So ask him. :smiley:


Hi all .. at the moment think is impossible .. example :

you can ask at the author or if you not have a github account i can do for you a request

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If you could ask... would be great. Don't have github account - i'm just a graphic designer, not a developer or someone like that so don't need it.
As i said - don't need to hide it. Translating it to Polish would be great too. Will do this by myself if it's possible.
Thank you for your reply.

@edison if you want translate send me or add attachment like this .po file :

then i open a PR on github to merge your translation :slight_smile: :wink:

Here is pl_PL.po file. Hope it's ok.
Tried to manually add pl_PL locale folder in GnoMenu directory and edit all the files, but it looks like something is messed up in .mo file. I've used German translation as a base, and now my GnoMenu is in German. At least i know where everything is stored in system. As i understand .mo file is what needs to be done by you, right? :slight_smile:


Yes , with .po file the developer build a translation file :wink:

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Cool - many thanks! As i'm not a GitHub expert, tell me what next? Just have to wait for an avilable update? :slight_smile:

Yes, first panacea project have to merge the pr then panacea release a new version or if not release soon i can build from git to update our pkg... :slight_smile:

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Just saw that there already is Polish translation on GitHub. Tried to update Gno-Menu via gnome-extensions website but it doesn't seem to work, so i manually downloaded zip and pushed new files into Gno-Menu directory. I know it's the noob way, but dunno how update it using terminal :smiley:
What's more important is that the translation is incomplete - it's not my version (someone did it before more) and it miss some phrases.

Merged yesterday ceck it :wink:

Yeah, i saw it but it's not my translation that is included.Or maybe i've missed something. Will check it when at home. Anyway i've found a spelling mistake so it needs to be updated.
Also huge thanks for your help!

I've created GitHub account (will try to store icon themes there). May i contact the Panacea by myself now?
Sorry for noob questions and bothering you - i'm just learning about all those GitHub and theme coding stuff :stuck_out_tongue:

Don't worry , you are welcome, yes you have to clone the gnomenu repository then in your fork push the modify then when ready create a pull request into panecea project...

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