Gnome flickering

Hi all,
i'm starkerg and i'm new to the forum.
Since i installed Manjaro Gnome i have an issue with the recording and the problem consists in a flickering, while i'm recording, of the Gnome DE but not in a fullscreen app like a game. I tried to record with Simple Screen Recorder and OBS but the results are the same. I see on internet some fix for it with activating the "force composition pipeline" in nvidia-settings but i can't activate it because i'm using bumblebee and there is not this option(there is only "auto" and is activated). There is another mode to fix this? Thanks for the help!
p.s. sorry for my english!
My spec:
cpu: intel i5
gpu: nvidia gt 520 mx with the latest proprietary driver (384.90) and Bumblebee, all installed via Manjaro Settings Manager
De: Gnome 3.26.2
Kernel:4.13.11-1 1.19.5
OBS: 20.1.0-1

I had the same problem with Simple Screen Recorder when using Compiz in Xfce. So for recording I always switch to Xfwm with deactivated compositing, seems to be a compositing issue. I don't know if compositing can be disabled in Gnome though. GPU is an Intel 4500MHD in my case.

Thank you for the reply, i dont know too if can done in gnome..

People say, it is not possible:

hmm too bad, anyway thanks for helping me!

Well, maybe there is some way to make screen capture work with compositing as well. I was just too lazy to pursue it further. But I know that there are for example Youtube videos demonstrating Compiz effects, so it should be possible to do screen capture with compositing switched on...

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