Gnome integration for pamac

For some time, gnome has had really neat integration between gnome-shell and gnome-software. You can click application launcher icons. Many other distros like Fedora and Ubuntu use gnome-software as their package manager frontend. However, for Manjaro, there are many reasons not to do the same. For one, gnome-software runs as 300Mb background process, and as a package manager it simply isn't as powerful as pamac.

Now, you don't need gnome-software to get that sweet sweet integration

In gnome-control-center, applications tab lets you open apps in pamac:
Screenshot from 2020-03-17 15-41-21

You can also open apps in pamac by right clicking them in gnome-shell app drawer. And if you search for an app you don't have, pamac offers to install it for you:

Provided by pamac-gnome-integration package.

Huge thanks for @guinux for making this awesome application!


That's great! What if you also add a "remove" button? Could be a very neat feature to remove applications from the context-menu.

That exists for Cinnamon via the cinnamon-remove-application AUR package. I wonder if it can be ported to GNOME?

The Show Details menu entry allows you to remove the app in three clicks.

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True. But what if the context menu would allow you to remove it directly from there? Like you can with appimages...

@Chrysostomus @guinux
Is pamac-gnome-integration intentionally conflicting with gnome-software?

Yes, they have conflicting files. They provide the same shortcut in the menu. Alternative implementation that would have allowed to use them side by side would have been too much work.

I see, thanks for the explanation!

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