GNOME is Great!

It appears that KDE is at the top of their game--Plasma can't get much better--whereas GNOME has been lacking lately and could use a bit of loving. And I love GNOME!

Those Plasma Punks have a thread going about how GREAT their DE it's time for GNOME users to stand up and be counted! After a long absence GNOME is once again playing daily on my laptop.

Just got 'er installed, a WIP for the weekend. Screenshot%20from%202018-02-23%2013-43-50

So--what are your favorite shell extensions (I don't even know what works anymore), themes, icons, tricks 'n' tips? Please give an old guy a hand and list them below! :smiley:



I am kinda avid gnome fanboy - ever since I had to go to the sages of grieving back when gnome2 was gone and the forks were no there yet ^^ i got used to most of the gnome-way.

For extensions:

  • Activities configurator
  • Alternatetab
  • Appfolders management extension
  • Dim on battery power
  • Disconnect wifi
  • Dynamic battery
  • Launch new instance
  • Manjaro linux updates indicator
  • More columns in applications view
  • Native window placement
  • No Sprin
  • Printers
  • Refresh wifi connections
  • Topicons plus
  • User themes
  • System-monitor

(thats it xD)

Theme wise I use
"Arc-Grey-Darker" for the applications
"Adwaita" for mouse pointer
"TUXEDO-One" for Symboles
"Arch-Grey-Dark" for Shell

gives a neat grey look - I like it a lot



@c00ter your profile lists your DE as "PHUK GNOME."

Does that need to be updated now, or am I misinterpreting PHUK?


It stands for "Ploddy Hell Unbelievably Kreat GNOME".
Likely. Or something like that. :thinking:


nana we know that mr c00ter ain't a true gnomisata XD
Still ignored the (triggery) edgy tittle and tries to be helpful - luckily couldn't care less what one uses or not :slight_smile:

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I love and I will always love GNOME... 2... :laughing:

What I said is true, my feelings about GNOME 2 are for real, I still use it to this day.
I also like, but not to the same extend, GNOME 3 is kinda too simplistic to me, but for productivity that thing are born ready to go!!
I only used dash to dock extension cause it was the only thing that I needed to improve even more my productivity, but I think nowadays I would use the one to have tray icons for other third party apps cause I have a lot of apps that uses it.

Nowadays I don't use GNOME 3, but I still use and love GNOME 2 (a.k.a. MATE), so I guess I'm still welcome on this thread(?)


Yes, unless the title changes to GNOME 3 is better! :smiley:

@Th3Z0ne: I was fighting to resist the question, but it breaks through: 16 extensions does it take to make GNOME 3 useful for you? How often do they break after point releases of GNOME 3? It's not meant ironically. I regularly think outside the box but some time ago the extension breakage was so nasty in GNOME that I found myself (happily) shopping elsewhere. If that disease is cured, I might want to have another look.

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Amen xD

Some are more needed - like - I NEEED THEM - others are more nice to have;

Actually not that bad anymore - it has been a rough rough past indeed - but recently those that are still on the list survive most point releases pretty well.
Given that e.g. "System-monitor" is the oldest still in use - its still working ...

What I am most upset is that gnome devs changed something in the API and thus rendered my loved "coffeine" extension borderline detremential -.- thus thats actually missing from the list as its non functioning.

As for what I need for gnome-shell to work for me:

  • Launch new instance
  • Topicons plus
  • Dim on battery power
  • User themes

All the others are actually just - nice to have and "why not"

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Are the animations in gnome software rendered? I never saw the "show apps" animation being smooth on any computer I ever used.

I would really love to use gnome because it's well supported and it looks great. But the performance is just reeeeaaallly bad.

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If the driver does not support it -> software; Otherwise hardware eccelerated.
On my intel igpu its rendered on the gpu not the cpu; But I do not like it thus I disabled them.

Hey, read the title of the Thread! You are supposed to praise GNOME. :wink:

@Cooter: I think dedoimedo gets the point:
How to make it usable:
How to add some decency:


I promise that if some day gnome is as smooth as plasma I will drop i3 for it.


My favourite Gnome (NSFW)



I will take my forum ban like a man.....


:slightly_smiling_face: I am not going to say anything negative about GNOME.

Some people like it and others hate it.

If a person can use GNOME to the best of their ability, they will certainly have a deep respect and appreciation for it and of course, get the most out of it.

However, the GNOME desktop environment is not ideal for those people who have computers with very little system resources. They would be better off using MATE, Xfce, LXQt and LXDE.

GNOME certainly came a long way.


O my I installed mate on openrc its like going back in a time warp a bit like trinity, Kde 3.5 if you did not know, Did I like Gnome2 no not then not now as mate sorry.
Do I like gnome3 yes I do but then I also use JWM as much as gnome

That is not actually true Mate uses 375-400mb xfce 350mb, KDE/Gnome 425-450mb, and can go down to around 375mb, cinnamon 475mb so the so called heavy weights are just as light so unless you have under 1gb ram they are just fine.

I changed it to EYE LUV GNOME, I swear! (prolly forgot to save)


That's one of the handiest extensions, except for the additional click, but that's OK, it's worth it for the organization!

Thank you! :smiley:


Me neither, but since I've also been posting to the Plasma is Great! thread... :smiley:


Yup...maybe the single, handiest extension! :smiley:

Thanks for yer feedback. :smiley:

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That and 3.20(?) CSS changes killed it for me. But reading @Th3zone's post below makes it sound like free Skittles 'n' Beer nowadays! :smiley:

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