GNOME is Great!

Hello, after 10 years of KDE desktop, I'm trying to switch to Gnome.

I'm using Arch, I'll also ask on their forum, but maybe you can help me here. First of all, is there something I should know making this switch?

I see Wailand is the default on Gnome, but is it really stable and usable or should I use xorg version?

I already tried the system a few minutes and I'd like to remove the top bar (I think it's called dock) and move it on the right side. Is it possible?

In Plasma I'm using two widgets to display CPU usage and network speed on the panel. Is there something similar in Gnome to stick on the dock?


I run Arch Gnome Wayland and have not had any issues, stable on my end.

  • No idea if you can move that (status?) bar.

  • Maybe there is an extension for that?

Dash to panel extension might be what you are looking for .

So I have to look for extensions to customize the system.

I'd like to keep some Qt apps like Dolphin, Akregator and Kate on Gnome, but I see they are using the default cursor and icon theme while I changed them on GTK apps. How can I modify these settings for Qt apps?

Qt-settings and kvantum should make the trick for you.
Gnome is not really that customizable than plasma. Nevertheless there're many extensions.
I like gnome since it is such a clean de which stays out of the way.

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Take a look through this topic for ideas on how to make qt theming match gtk theming:


Wayland is great on a single monitor, multi monitor not so much. I strongly recommend not trying to force KDE applications into Gnome. It would be like trying to get Evolution running on KDE, it can work but not very well, and it will break frequently. Evolution has an RSS plugin anyway. Ther eare multiple GTK options that in my experience offer the same thing Dolphin does without the network share issues. Also think of extensions as a widget that does not come pre-loaded. I found looking at it that way got rid of alot of the undeserved bias. Yes, I used ot like KDE a lot, I still do, but I got tired of very basic items breaking, frequently.

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I don't need Qt apps to look the same as Gtk. I used Kde for years with Firefox, Chromium and PulseEffects, I get used to the mismatch.

I also installed Latte Dock which is surprisingly working under Gnome, I can't stay without it.

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I would love to see some screenshots from Latte under Gnome. As a note plasma applets inside Latte should also work under Gnome but unfortunately plasma applets need to be added first from Plasma desktop. Latte relys in Plasma Widget Explorer for this, i wouldn't like to fork it yet but if there is demand from other desktop environment I might not avoid it any more.



That's how I styled it, but the customization is huge, the background can be removed, shadows resized and more...

There's a way to get desktop files on the desktop screen? I saw there is a specific dconf setting to do this, but it's now working.


I found why Latte was working: SDDM.

If you switch to GDM, no Latte.

GDM is a Ristretto only :smile:


You know what I like about Gnome?
It's actually it's customizability, believe it or not.
I can make Gnome look like whatever I want, only with a short amount of time. - I like the Gnome Tweak Tool, and the Gnome Exentsions from Manjaro Gnome as well.
I'm rather a lazy person and I really appreciate a DE that let's me customize it only with a few clicks.


In order to avoid future incompatibility issues I removed latte-dock (which was not working with gdm and gdm is needed to get a decent screen locker), akregator and dolphin.

Replaced akregator with quiterss which is still qt5, but less kde dependency and much more better.

I'm very sad to leave dolphin, it's the best file manager, but it has too many dependency on Plasma stuff. Nautilus is not that bad anyway.

The only Plasma app I kept is kate. gedit has way less features that's now impossible to me to use it and replace kate.

One big issue with gnome is that libinput touchpad tap button mapping and dragging lock aren't configurable. Fortunately I added them to mutter code and build a custom package for my system. Already made a pull request on gitlab, I hope they will merge it soon.


One thing I'm surprised it's how stable is Gnome on Wayland. Tried to use it in the past with Plasma and was a nightmare.

Is it only me or some others are using Xorg due to any issues?

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No surprise since most of the devs of, GNOME, Wayland, et al are under the same RedHat roof :unamused:

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Wayland still has some issues with multiple monitors. On a device where only one monitor is used it is pretty much flawless.

Sure, but I found out that Gnome implementation of Wayland is a mess and have many serious issue with mpv which I use and consider the best media player on GNU Linux.

Celluloid resolves those issues partially, but other problems like vsync spikes stay there and lead to bad performances compared to x11 experience.

So I'm on xorg session now and will keep using it until they fix those issues (as I understood by their stubbornness, basically never).

Manjaro + GNOME = :heart:


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