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I have searched extensively (on this forum and google) for an answer but can not find any. Also, I am aware this is a Gnome (3) problem and not Manjaro specific, but since I am on Manjaro I figured I may find an answer here.

I have a desktop PC:

Kernel: 4.19.69-1-MANJARO x86_64 bits: 64 Desktop: Gnome 3.32.2 Distro: Manjaro Linux

The problem: If I start my computer and leave it running for some time without logging in it switches of the screen. Then, when I press a key on the keyboard it wakes up, but I am unable to select the user using my keyboard. At this point in time it seems nothing is selected, I am not even able to select the power down menu in the top right corner. I have tried every option I can think of but nothing works. I always end up having to use my mouse to select the user so that I can log in.

Is there a keyboard key, or combination of keys, I can press to select the user account to log into?



ctr+alt+del did not work. I can super+l to lock the screen (pressing any key then takes me back to the login screen where no user is selected) and I can go into the other terminal windows with ctr+alt+F2. Logging in there does not help.

This is a work around - I don't know what causes your issue - my best guess is a gnome related issue - somehow.

Switch to TTY and login then restart gdm using

sudo systemctl stop gdm
sudo systemctl start gdm

The most low level solution is to not start your system unless you are ready to use it.

That seems like a logical solution, thank you @linux-aarhus!

I will try that next time (the only way to reproduce the problem is to restart my PC and wait like 15 minutes for the screen to switch off - not doing that again now :confused: ).

I suspect what you suggest will work though thanks! If not I will post here that it does not.

Edit: Flagged the stop/start suggestion from @linux-aarhus as the solution because it worked. Not ideal though, but I guess the gde does not allow for keyboard navigation after some time.

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