GNOME Volume & Brightness no feedback/no indicator bar

When I increase the volume or the brightness using the keyboard the change happens but the bar to indicate what level these settings are at is not showing up. You can see in my screenshot the bar is missing and looks as if the volume is on mute but the speaker icon shows volume is on not muted. The issue is identical for the brightness, it seems like the textures for the bar are missing?

Any tips on how to solve this? Thanks.

Gnome version 3.30.2, according to package manager my Manjaro system is up to date.


There are several threads about this already. Please read them.

Hint: it's a theme issue.

Thank you Jonathon,
I'm using the default theme and I have tried changing it (to one of the other stock themes and back to Adwaita default) but the issue still persists. The solution for those posts seems to be to go back to the default theme, but since I'm already on this theme I'm still unsure what to do?Screenshot%20from%202019-02-19%2012-12-55
There seems to be an issue with the Shell theme, but not sure how to go about solving that either.

Cheers for the help

Have you tried to use the tool --> Manjaro Gnome Resetting Tool what one is installed in Manjaro ?Sk%C3%A4rmbild%20fr%C3%A5n%202019-02-19%2004-17-41

It will leave you with a pristine GNOME (after reboot) after you can personalize again like you wish.

In the other hand you can use this command into console

dconf reset -f /

it does the same but maybe you should do backup before. (Read it post before )


I couldn't find that tool anywhere but the command worked great. Thanks for the solution.

I have the same problem in KDE. :frowning:

You can't have a GNOME issue in KDE.

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