Gnome with Vimix GTK theme, Zafiro icons & Nord colour scheme for terminal and gedit

Hey everyone,

Because of the lockdown situation I've had plenty of time to finetune my setup and I wanted to share. If I'm correct, this is the right category for that.

I use the Vimix GTK theme. With Automathemely I have Vimix during the day and Vimix dark at night. Because I write a lot, I made two scripts for Automathemely (with help from my brother, he'd want me to say this :wink:) which change the Sifr theme for Libreoffice along with dark and light mode, just like the colour of the 'paper'.

My icons are Zafiro, but with MenuLibre I've manually added a few, like the icon for my Whatsapp wraper and the icon for Nvidia.

The terminal and Gedit have the Nord colour schemes.

Until about 2 months back I used Fedora. Wallpaper is still from the awesome Fedora collections. This was part of the Fedora 30 supplemental wallpapers. I've used it ever since I found it.

[](http://Fedora 30 supplemental wallpapers)

In five years of Linux, my setup has never felt so "mine".
So I'm curious what you think. Let me know!

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As someone who is really not a fan of Gnome, I must say, this looks very comfy. Well done!

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