Google Chrome - system becoming very slow or unresponsive

Running latest version of Manjaro GNOME.

When using Chrome especially watching YouTube videos and browsing Twitter or watching videos on Twitter, the system becomes extremely slow or unresponsive with CPU spiking very high. Most of the time I have to hard reset the system after this occurs.

I experienced the same behavior on other Linux distros running Chrome. Never experienced such behavior on Windows or MacOS. I did try to disable hardware acceleration in Chrome settings, but this hasn't fixed the issue.

Has anyone experienced the same problem? Is there a solution (other than using Firefox)?

Thanks for any input on this...

Having the same issue with Brave these last couple of days. I thought it had something to do with bad configuration of my reverse PRIME setup, but nope, every time I open the browser the CPU usage spikes to 100%, but the clock speed stays locked at 785MHz and everything is as slow as it gets.

In both cases that sounds a lot like you arent using hardware acceleration
and/or bad extensions
(in the case of 'the adware-i-mean-browser-that-shall-not-be-named .. its harder to tell because they wrap a bunch of stuff into their code and change it constantly due to people finding the malicious activity there ... so something like their built-in 'ad-block' [sic] wont be as noticeable as if you were using some bad plugin like adblock plus or ghostery)


I'll just ignore the undeserved hate (like Chrome isn't the biggest issue out there) and confirm that in my case it was an issue with the reverse PRIME setup, as soon as I reinstalled the 440xx drivers and optimus-manager it worked like a charm again, but I doubt this is the same as OP's issue.

It was reserved for Brave - something that markets itself as a 'secure'/'privacy-focused' browser while actively tracking you.
Chrome is google spyware .. but everyone knows that. :woman_shrugging: People who use it are generally comfortable with the tradeoff, use g-services, etc. It wouldnt have been worth saying.
Brave on the other hand scams people who dont know any better. So it is worth saying.

Trying Chromium instead of Chrome.

Same issue when browsing Twitter feed, and videos appear. The system slows down and sometimes freezes, making a hard reset necessary.

Just found that this seems to be a known issue:

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