"gpg: unusable public key" while interfacing Github and forge

Hello there! I am trying to set up forge on Doom Emacs. Problem being, whenever I run M-x forge-pull and follow the procedure(I am shamelessly following this tutorial), I get the following error:

Error while encrypting with "/usr/bin/gpg2":

gpg: 1768EB64C46BDDAB: skipped: Unusable public key
gpg: [stdin]: encryption failed: Unusable public key

The same thing happens when I try to create .authinfo.gpg manually, with

machine api.github.com login [USERNAME]^forge [PASSWORD] [TOKEN]

by generating a token on Github.

I have no idea on what's wrong. Can you please guide me through this? Thank you in advance!

[ inxi output ]

I think you need to read this

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