[Graphics Card] What would happen if i switched cards out?

Hello there everyone sooo , i have a Athlon x4 740 Quad Core and a R7 240 2gb PowerColor but i want to switch it out because it produces a lot of bottleneck , and its really not a great card overall ! I want to switch it for GTX 750 TI and was wondering

What would happen' to my Manjaro installation if i did that ? Will it break? Will it boot properly ? Will it explode ? Will my monitor cry ? And etc

Please tell me what i need to be aware of if im going to do this!

Thanks to everyone in advance! Looking forwards to the response!


That would happen either way ...

First install the proprietary nvidia video drivers:
sudo mhwd -i pci video-nvidia-440xx
Shutdown, swap the GPU, boot the system, done.

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So with still running the r7 i enter the command and boom, when i swap it out and i turn on the pc , that is it ?

Can i then proceed to install mesa drivers and etc for gaming?

Is installed by default.

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