Graphics driver

Which drivers should I use to get best performance?

video-nvidia if your card supports the 415 series driver.

video-nvidia-390xx if it doesn't.

How can I know that my card support 415 series?

I have just install video-nvidia and restart
but there is just dark screen on start up

Read this and try to change the driver (boot to TTY).
Use the auto-install method for non-free.


Finally which driver should I use???

For performance use nvidia non-free

But you have to read the tutorial. You may face more trouble, so you have to be informed..

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and a great tutorial it is, i wish i remembered more often that i have it bookmarked.

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Check this thread:

Or... just go ahead and install a driver without checking first.

The one which works.

Without knowing what your GPU is there's no way of providing a better recommendation.

It sounds like you're already running the best driver.

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Your laptop has the GeForce 930MX and if you search for it on the forum, there are a lot of entries about it
Start with this one

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It looks like you have hybrid GPU so it all depends do you care for saving power and longer battery usage? If not, install Prime. There is a tutorial on forum how to do it.

By default Manjaro will install bumblebee and that was OK before Steam Play (Proton) came, so if you want to utilize dxvk for vulkan, you have few options:

  • set Prime (nvidia GPU only, will draw more power on a daily usage)
  • use bumblebee but set nvidia-xrun (also tutorial on the forum)
  • use optimus-manager for switching between intel and nvidia whenever you need (still in beta phase so it works for some - like me, but won't work for others)

Please, research those options and have backup before you meddle with drivers (timeshift), although it seems it's too late, you already started messing with it...

At the moment only non-free drivers are offering good performance on nvidia.

When I install nvidia-video on startup it doesn't show anything but a black screen

You need to read the information in the thread, and the threads which people link to, rather than repeating the same thing hoping someone will guess the answer for you.

Please post some information about your hardware. The output of inxi -Fxxxz (as text) is a good start.

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