Grrrrr Firefox has lost all my extensions

I had to sign into sync and they didn't come back....

But when I install them manually, they assume the correct position on the toolbar (I placed some on the left, some on the right).


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I'm seeing the same thing, with maybe a difference - Manjaro updates, Firefox add-ons/sessions/text files made after first ooting into my fresh install vanishing on reboot.
Stuff that I downloaded with Firefox is still in the folders used.
Another thig that I noticed, and which you might want to check as well, is if Secure Boot somehow re-enabled itself in the bios/UEFI... because that's what I'm seeing on my PC, what's possibly messing with my boot drive selection order, and what I suspect to be messig up some other things on my system as well.
If it's also re-enabling itself on your machine, might I ask what brand motherboard you have?
(if you happen to know, that is... no pressure there, not everyone has access to that sort of stuff (and in some cases, whatever information the systems show might not actually be correct... wouldn't be the first time that I've seen an ASRock reported as an ASUS in system details, doesn't happen often but yeah, every once in a blue moon I seem to run into one)).

Just tried my FF-Nightly, Dev.Ed & Yawn [80, 79, 78]. All still good.

Hows the vaapi hw accel treatin ya ?

Alas my Babelfish seems to have run low on battery power & slipped outta my ear, leaving me only able to utter a sincere


Since you are on Nightly .. you probably now have the ability to enable hardware acceleration (really) on X11 through vaapi.

You need a few things like these in about:config

    "media.ffmpeg.vaapi-drm-display.enabled" : true
    "media.ffmpeg.vaapi.enabled" : true

and maybe

    "media.ffvpx.enabled" : false

And also use environment variable


(then you should see maybe better playback on video, and less cpu usage, etc)

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Or try launching with this command :

firefox --allow-downgrade

Do not use UEFI, but if your BIOS is resetting, it may suggest you need a new battery. I have a Clevo laptop, AMI BIOS.

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