Grub boots silently when Manjaro is selected

Hi guys, I recently installed the kde version of manjaro alongside Windows. I resized my partitions on my ssd and installed manjaro there. My motherboard refused to boot grub every time it recognized microsoft boot folder on the EFI partition, so I renamed it to "Windows" and edited the grub config with grub-customizer to recognize the new place for windows boot files. So far so good, I can boot to both manjaro and windows, however I have a bit annoying problem with it. Whenever Windows is the last booted entry, thus the default selected, the grub menu shows and I can select everything, but if manjaro is the last one, I can't see any menu, only if I hold down shift upon booting. Is there any way to setup grub to always show the menu?

Thanks for your help in advance!

First, welcome to Manjaro.
Second, get rid of grub-customizer. It will bad for you; if not giving problems now, it will in future.
Third, that's how the grub works (menu shows/not showing based on last boot) if you have only windows and Manjaro.

To fix all these, refer to this first post; {yes, complicated and difficult because of the grub we use} and do the stuff listed here

sudo mv /etc/default/grub /etc/default/grub.bad
sudo mv /etc/grub.d /etc/grub.d.bad
sudo pacman -S grub
sudo grub-install /dev/sda
sudo update-grub
sudo rm /boot/grub/grubenv
sudo grub-editenv /boot/grub/grubenv create
sudo grub-editenv - set boot_success=0

but remember to uninstall grub-customizer first.
and according to the link, make sure you have


in your /etc/default/grub with a timeout not less than 5.

Let us know if you need more clarification.


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