Grub freezes when Logitech receiver for G602 is connected

Alright, so I tried a bunch of stuff, essentially started my machine from scratch, and I know what the issue is.

After I installed manjaro kde I noticed grub was working when I rebooted. Ok, thought maybe I fixed it.

Everything was fine until I installed the 430 hybrid bumblebee drivers. That brought the issue of the grub menu instantly freezing back. Uninstalled them, grub worked.

Used auto-install proprietary and it installed hybrid prime 440... issue is back. Uninstalled those, grub still freezing.

Timeshifted with reinstall grub option. The timeshift had bumblebee installed, uninstalled again... still freezing. Something maybe lingering from the prime install?

Tried auto-install open source. Grub still freezees, but it was already so at best it didn't fix anything. Well not sure what to do now.

If you are sure it is the graphic card, I cannot help you. But others can. I no good in graphic cards.
Start a new topic on it so others can help.
But a clarification first.
You said a few times. "grub freeze, still freezees...'
Freezes at grub menu and you cannot enter any entry ?
Or enter an entry at grub and then system freeze?
Can you press any entry? Can you arrow up and down to select any entry at grub?

Can you also at least tell us what you did or check on secureboot and bitlocker ?

Ok, I appreciate all your help!

When the manjaro grub menu comes up (am I calling it the right thing?) where you can select Manjaro, Advanced Manjaro, Windows Etc, the system is frozen the second that shows.


But if it freezes when grub menu appears without any input from you, it may not be the graphics card that is the issue. That's why I asked. Grub does not utilize graphic card...uhm... graphics.

Is the grub menu appearance okay? Meaning any jagged lines across or distorted? If the appearance is okay, may be other things, like bitlocker.

Yeah it's exactly as it would be when it works proper... just can't do anything (and besides that I can tell it's frozen because the timer is at 10s).

Huh, yeah that makes sense I suppose. I can re-install kde and see if it was a coincidence.

Per your previous post I did check:
bitlocker (not in use)
secure boot(was off)
fast boot(was on, turned off)

And.. have you done this?

If you cannot boot into it, suggest you chroot and do the above. (first try same link )
Your previous command using the wrong command (non-nvme sda and -p 1) may give a grub menu that won't work.

I mean I can boot into it I just need to F9 and select the manjaro boot option.

Interesting... grub: command not found

What command did you use? Exactly?
sudo grub-install

You used grub and a {space}
Yup. wheres the - in grub-install ?

Copy and pasted

Didn't help but Now I have 2 manjaro options in my bios boot options (not grub)

 sudo efibootmgr -c -d /dev/nvme0n1 -p 2 -L "manjaro" -l "\EFI\Manjaro\grubx64.efi"
efibootmgr: ** Warning ** : Boot0001 has same label manjaro
BootCurrent: 0001
Timeout: 0 seconds
BootOrder: 0003,0001,0000,0009,9999
Boot0000* Windows Boot Manager
Boot0001* manjaro
Boot0002* USB Drive (UEFI) - Hard Drive
Boot0009* Solid State Disk
Boot000C* USB Drive (UEFI) - Hard Drive
Boot9999* USB Drive (UEFI)
Boot0003* manjaro

So I don't know, 3 is the new one, maybe I just need to delete 1 and set 3 as the default and then will know for sure if those commands did anything. I'll try it in a bit

Yes, I know. And expected.

Correct. Just do
sudo efibootmbr -b 001 -B

But.. why don't you say?
Does it boot okay?

ps: we could have used a command where the 'error' message (same label blah blah blah..) and double entries could be avoided, but... I worry that if done wrongly (by others of course :rofl: ) and like you did with sda instead of nvme, manjaro entry will be deleted without a working one. Thought it better to have this error message and the double entry. Still do.

Did that, 3 is the default... issue remains. I'll have to see if I can get it working by wiping everything out again and be deliberate with doing things in the OS and seeing if it's still working.

Again, I really appreciate all the help

Okay, good luck. Let us know, ya.
And you're welcome.

I used efibootmgr to delete the other manjaro entry, deleted the linux partitions and did a new install alongside and grub is there anything that you'd find useful to see before I inevitably break it?

Oh wait, if you haven't reinstalled.
There's this entrophy issue that I keep forgetting (because I don't have it)
Try to enable it using this post.
As said, I don't have it and if you need help, ping @c00ter to help.
and there's 2 methods to fix it. Use only one.
Sorry, I forgot this can be a possible cause.

Good to hear! Yes, I'm wondering what went wrong with your first install and what went right with the second. That reinstallation was fast! Following might be good
efibootmgr -v

But what is better would be your own input on what you think happen.

Ok, I don't mean to keep jumping back in, but it's my logitech mouse dongle. With it in, grub is frozen, with it out it's fine. I tried it several times and it's definitely causing it.
Makes sense I'd think a new install fixed it, I only have 1 usb port and it's in use while installing. Would explain why I thought I was randomly fixing it...

Apparently updating the dongle firmware will work. going to try it

Heh heh heh. Okay. Good that it was just that. And much better that we know what went wrong.

Thought I'm losing it. I'm at the age where .... but I keep assuring myself that couldn't happen to me.
Thanks for the reassurance. Cheers, and take care now.

You and me both.
I swear to science... all the time I dinked around with the :exploding_head:

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