Grub gone after sudden shutdown?

Hi. Today, something bad happened. My system (Latest version, xfce) turned into standby mode while I was taking a showet. For some reason, I can never get out of standby, but since I never use it I don't care.
So, what I did is just hold the power button until my laptop shut down. (Thinking about it, I could've just pressed it once and waited for auto-shutdown, right?)
When starting again, I wasn't greeted by Grub, but by my Windows installation that I was trying to fix. (Before the system got into standby, I was just downloading an image but did nothing with it, so I guess it's a coincidence?)
I checked my Bios, and strangely enough, there is no manjaro that I can boot into. Something with the same effect happened around 2 months ago, when I resized my partition, Grub got damaged or something. But this time I am sceptical if it's that. I really did nothing unusual or something, so I'm hoping it's something better. What could it be?

Thanks in advance - Emil

If there is no boot entry in the Bios for Manjaro,
then have to reinstall Grub.

Sudden shutdown might cause filesystem corruption. Boot up a Manjaro live usb and run fsck on your Manjaro partition.

fsck also a very good call, maybe do that first and then sort out the bootloader.

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