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Hi everyone. I am new(ish) to Manjaro and Linux in general. I have been tinkering around with dual booting and customizing my grub menu on boot. After weeks of distro-hopping, reading, and playing around I have settled in with Manjaro as my only OS installed. I wanted to know if there is a way to present the grub menu with the options of choosing a kernel. When I dual boot with a different OS I can access the manjaro options which includes the other kernels I have to choose from, however now that I have only Manjaro installed I can't seem to figure out how to get the grub menu to show up during boot.

I have tried many different things with editing files and such in /etc/default among others but nothing seems to work. It just always boots into the default kernel without showing me a grub menu. Listing everything I have tried would be exhaustive so my intent is to do a fresh install of grub and make appropriate modifications from there. Any advice is greatly appreciate!

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press esc or shift during startup and grub menu will show
its a feature to hide grub menu when you have only manjaro installed

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Is there a trick to doing this such as holding shift or esc until the grub menu shows? I can't press esc too early or I will go into setup.

try hitting shift multiple times if esc is for bios setup or any keys will do
if you want to get text to show during startup
press esc after some time
you can even have a Plymouth like startup animation
its called as bootsplash search the forum and you will know

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Install rEFInd. I am dual booting too but grub does not show until I installed the other boot loader.

sudo grub-editenv - unset menu_auto_hide
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This was the solution. I identified the other post since it gives specific instructions. Thanks for your help!

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