Grub rescue fails

I messed up my old copy of Manjaro so I decided to reinstall it. My Windows 7 (ThinkPad x230) was running till now, but after I deleted the old Manjaro Partitions and reinstalled them (one root / with ext4, one boot/efi fat32 (500MB) with esp and boot flags), I am stuck in GRUB rescue.
So I used my Manjaro live-usb and followed the advice on this website:
I first followed the Guide for BIOS systems using

grub-install /dev/sda3

as sda3 is listed by lsblk -f as vfat.
The respond is the following:
#Installing for x86_64-efi platform.
#grub-install: error: cannot find EFI directory.

As Im a Newbie I just decided to go for the following UEFI guide and voila, all seemed to work well. But when I restarted the system I was stuck in GRUB rescue again.

So I started following this advice:
I used ls to find out that (hd0,4) is my root, but I dont know which one is GRUB. So I tried many variations but I am always stuck as soon as I type

grub rescue>insmod normal


grub rescue>insmod linux

So this gives me an unknown filesystem - again.
I hope anybody can help, thank you.

I wonder why you haven't looked in the forum first.
There are great tutorials.
Use this to restore your grub. Read carefully.

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Are you sure you have an $esp partition as /boot/efi, format as fat32 and listed in your fstab?
If you have this and if you follow the guide (that you used, not my link), you will need to mount that $esp as well. But my link will be easier without mounting and without chrooting.

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