Grub rescue on live usb


I'm new on Linux (I've reading many informations before) and I wish to try Manjaro.

I wanna run a dual with W10 (need something stable in case because I'm still student)
Last week I've installed Arch but still too much for me so I've wiped all arch partitions (/,/home and swap).
My W10 desktop has no problem, I can boot on it (and I just did right now a new install with all partions wipes).

But when I boot on a live usb to install Manjaro, my only access is the grub rescue.
Can anyone help me to deal with it?

Thank you.

Tell us how you made your install usb.
Using etcher would be fine.
Your version of manjaro that you downloaded.
And confirm you have disabled 'secure boot' in your system.

Others here will have to follow up with you after you provide the information.
I don't do usb installs. Good luck.

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Thanks for your replies,

I'm on a HP pavilon laptop.
I have manjaro-kde-18.0.4-stable-x86_64 install with Rufus 3-3 on my usb.
Secure boot is desabled

The commands in the tutorial give me "unknow command", did I miss something?

Ls give me (hd0) (hd1) (cd0)

Can somebody else take over?
I don't so usb installs.

I understand we must use 'dd' using rufus; not 'iso'. is that done?

Correct, that link cannot help you. That's for after installation of OS and we cannot boot.
You haven't installed Manjaro OS. So that don't apply.

Good luck and take care. Hope others jump in to help you. (after you reply).

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does "dd" means? I have that menu with the boot selection . (Rufus 3.5. 1497)

ps: some have reported success with Etcher.
. . . .


Write my usb stick with Etcher has solved the problem. Thank you very much!
Now I still have some issues with the bootloader (auto-boot on W10, don't show manjaro) but I think I can solve it with the tutorial.

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