grub rescue problem after reseting bios

I've installed linux manjaro two times before , in the first time I installed it and used window's efi partition then I deleted it and deleted manjaro from the efi partition and fixed the bootloader ,in the second time I installed it with separate efi partition then I deleted it and deleted the efi partition and fixed windows bootloader .
And now I have windows only , My problem now is when I reset bios setting and device start working I find grub rescue screen I can solve it easily by fixixing booloader using CMD from bootable USB
By using this commands

bootrec /fixboot
bootrec /fixmbr

But I can see the proplem again after reseting bios again
I wish from you to help me and thanks :two_hearts:

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You need to go to the Windows Forums or your motherboard manufacturer forum for assistance on this.

Alternatively, do a clean wipe of your hdd, and reinstall Windows.

So the proplem in the motherboard , bios or I can solve it by do clean install

I did a clean install, but the problem was not solved, and no one there helpeded me until they did not know the problem and this is normal because it is confiscated by Linux, can you tell me the problem related to disk or motherboard untill I swap it

If you wiped the drive, it's literally impossible to have Linux or grub cause an issue because it's no longer there.

There is no such thing.

If Windows is still not working after a clean install, you're going to need to use Windows forums, we can't help you with that.

If your BIOS is having issues, you need to use your manufacturer's forums.

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