Hello, I have recently decide to install windows on my computer again.

I think I messed up installing grub. It drops me into the grub shell and I am able to boot linux from there. I have a UEFI system and I think I made one to many partitions for the EFI. I had backed up 2 partitions, sda1(a 300M unknown fs) and sda2 my main partition. Sda1 and 2 are now windows partitions. I made 3 more partitions in a manjaro live USB, sda3-5 and mounted them as follows:
sda3 = (mnt)/boot/efi
sda4 (was sda1)= (mnt)/boot
sda5 = (mnt)/

After chrooting in, I reinstalled grub.

grub-install --target=x86_64-efi --efi-directory=/boot/efi --bootloader-id=manjaro --recheck

grub update

now that I have booted manually through the grub shell I see that sda4 is mounted at /boot/efi.

Should I rechroot and mount /dev/sda4 at /boot/efi and rerun the grub installation?


df -T /dev/sda4

shows that sda4 is vfat Type, and I suspect this was the efi partition from my first install

Use [Simple Config Method] here.

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You rarely need boot and boot/efi so that's your problem. For UEFI use boot/efi and format it as fat32.

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Oh, you (jacktehrippah) have a separate boot partition, so use the [Special Cases Section]
Yup, don't need a separate boot. Complicates things.
But if uefi, /boot/efi partition is a must.

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