GTK3-Classic/Mushrooms is gone?

Hi, I opened this thread to ask to expert people what we could expect about gtk3-classic/mushrooms.

Here the maintainer of the repo announced that the project has been abandoned on 21 May 2020;
here instead has been flagged as out-of-date on 13 May 2020. Previously was on the official repo, not on AUR.

In pamac, the main GTK3 is to 3.24.21-1, and gtk3-classic is at 3.24.14-1.

I know that I could switch back to the main GTK3 and install gtk3-nocsd to avoid the CSD, but it doesn’t work very well: I experienced ugly windows: After [Stable Update] 2019-12-10 the GUI password prompts are becomed wide, and I also seen windows with a black borders around.

So, this is the reason that I prefer to rely on gtk3-classic/mushrooms which works much better, but as indicated has been abandoned. However seems that someone else has forked gtk3-mushrooms to a more updated version: (This branch is 2 commits ahead, 1 commit behind krumelmonster:master.)

There could be the possibility that someone could take care of this project? Unfortunately I not have the skills, otherwise I could take care of such project.

There is an old discussion of the previous maintainers:

Have you tested recently to see if this is still the case.
We have been using gtk3-nocsd on ARM for a little bit now (for other reasons) and have not seen any "weird" borders.

Yes: I tried it again recently with the same results: the black borders seems due the GTK theme which I use (but is ok on gtk3-classic), and the wide prompts were still there.

So it's more a theme issue, than an issue with the nocsd package. :slight_smile:

Check the following file - if it exist - rename it and check the result.


But as @Strit suggests - it is probably a theme issue.

Surely: is a theme issue (black borders around the windows) which in my case only occurs when using the main gtk3; when using gtk3-classic instead, this issue doesn't occurs: so gtk3-nocsd is not the culprit (there are no differences if nocsd is installed or not; sorry if I have not been precise/complete to describe the issue).

And however, also if I change the theme, the issue about "wide prompts" remains, but only when using main gtk3: no issues when using gtk3-classic.

Yep: I have such config file, which I created months ago: I made it to set the size of icons on the panel of XFCE: the content is:

#launcher-2* /* Launcher Conky */
    -gtk-icon-transform: scale(0.54);
    padding: 0 0px;

#launcher-1* /* Launcher Skippy Switcher */
    -gtk-icon-transform: scale(0.74);
    padding: 0 0px;

.tasklist* { /* icone applicazioni */ 
    -gtk-icon-transform: scale(0.88);

#showdesktop-7* /* show desktop icon  */
    -gtk-icon-transform: scale(0.90);

#whiskermenu-4* /* Whisker Menu icon */
    -gtk-icon-transform: scale(0.90);

Also if i delete this file, all the issues are still present.

More info:

I've noticed that gtk3-nocsd package have a "last update" date of about one year ago: 7 August 2019; so is the same version which I tried months ago (December 2019) and recently, unfortunately with no luck.

mushrooms/classic does more than just the csd. i also use it for the changes to file choosers and scrollbars, for instance.

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Hi. If a package has -git at the end it pulls the latest version from git repo. "Last update" date of a package just shows when PKGBUILD was updated, not when the last commit was done ( Jul 26, 2020 in this case).


It appears that @jonathon The maintainer of gtk3 classic is now exiled so I think we probably need a new maintainer.

not related to the current situation. it's in the AUR and has been for a while. he's still the maintainer of the AUR package: he made it.

what's needed is a maintainer for the upstream code:

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Good news: has been updated:

But when I'm going to apply the update, I receive the following warnings:

So, Audacity and light-locker have to been removed to apply the update. Maybe Audacity and light-locker needs to be updated to the new libgdk and libgtk?

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