Haiku Deskbar - lookalike (using KDE Plasma)

this is work in progress.

dark look, with no wallpaper, and a few icons

what i am trying to do is, have something similar to the deskbar that Haiku OS uses.

upper right corner in this picture

any ideas, suggestions and opinions would be appreciated

You can make use of Widgets that you resize and reshape to the desired rectangular you want. Maybe start with Grouping Plasmoids widget ...

I think they are going for something more singular/robust/replacement ... akin to lattedock.
Though, I cant speak for them.
Whether its needed ? IDK, seems atleast one person wants it. Not my cup of tea.
But yay projects! :slight_smile:

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thanks @bogdancovaciu
i was looking for ways to tweak the KDE Panel at first, its halfway there, and i was wondering what is the path of the config file for this desktop arrangement.

@cscs there was a linux based distro that used this deskbar, but it was buggy.

an update

my setup looks like this now...

but what i want is it a bit more like this (edited image)

also looking for a way to move window's upper buttons from right to left, like this
as they will conflict with the panel's new position


tweaked it a bit, and now it looks like this:
breeze dark
and breee white

new opened applications will have their icon below the search icon, in the empty area.

also still trying to figure this out...
some panels have the name of the app running next to the icon, some dont
these screenshots are from different users

i need to have the icon with description in my upper panel. but without description for the bottom backup panel.

Different task manager widgets, one with text and one without: icon-only task manager

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thanks alot @DeMus thats what i was looking for, but too many options and layouts confused me...

all i had to do was - right click the KDE panel - alternatives - and there was this menu:

now the desktop layout looks like this:
one KDE panel in the top right, with the settings, windows can cover.
and one slim KDE panel at the bottom with the setting, auto hide.


also i added a transparent note app , and icons positioned in the bottom left.

but this is still work in progress

While used this style of taskbar when I was using BeOS and gotten used to it, if found that after Xfce for so long I have a strong dislike for it and seems to be outdated.

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@whm1974, in a way BeOS/HaikuOS style, is the grandfather of modern desktop enviroments, when BeOS was launched, microsoft windows was looking awful, and macintosh DE was no better either.

Haiku has that vintage look, that you just cant find anywere else.

an update

trying a new layout, with icons at the top and notes app at the bottom, also im trying to move the search bar from top to bottom :thinking:

and i removed the slim bottom panel from earlier

this is an edited image

an update on my side project.

this is how the setup looks with a wallpaper

for symmetry, i edited the width of the panel(top right), to match the width of the notes app.

re-added the desktop toobox, but in the lower right side

the notifications still appear at the bottom of the screen (i want it to be at the top)

trying to add 2 task managers on 1 panel seems impossible


any thoughts, on what software i can use to develop this further, and how can i easily export this setup?

We dont yet know how you are implementing this; is it a script ? a package ? a theme ?

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I don't know about you, but I use two panels anyway.

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@cscs for now its mostly manually adjusting the panel , adding and moving icons around. testing if it would be feasible, to modify the plasma desktop into something else.

my first thought was to save/export my plasma config file, but failed.

in the future i would like to turn this into a theme/DE. using plasma as a base, or use a different programming language, and build it from scratch.

Found it.

Its a setting of the notifications applet.


But I also, more importantly, found the actual config file for it.

Its line 32 in ~/.config/plasma-org.kde.plasma.desktop-appletsrc

The numeric value is 0 for default, and the rest correspond to the following table, though the GUI preferences as shown above do not include 4-6. Havent tested those.

| 1 | 2 | 3 |
| 4 | 5 | 6 |
| 7 | 8 | 9 |

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thanks, i actually figured that out after taking the screenshot :laughing: silly me, but i was already logged out

What you might be looking to do is a look-and-feel which would automate these things that are largely settings.
While it hangs together with itself you can have a look at what I did for adaptabreath here:

[it includes all sorts of stuff, but also what you might be looking for]

Either that or a script/makefile that just automates the changes.
[again, a template of sorts is there too]

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some more tweaks
i discovered that the kde icon from the application launcher, can be changed very easily
and alos tried the oxygen theme, which has round-ish corners, and seems more flexible then breeze

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