Happy Manjaro Openbox user Looking for hotcorner ?

Hi everyone !

I love Manjaro openbox... So light, so snappy, so everything...

A little background to my rather simple question :

Since my macbook pro died on 2017, I jumped the fence and brought myself a thinkpad (T450s - never coming back).
So I've been using manjaro (gnome wich I unfortunatly didn't like...) Openbox almost eversince.

Recently i saw a video on how to "repair" dead 2011 mbp. I tried it, and it worked! (even though the computer is not really happy : a bit choppy/hot running on the integrated chipset in lieu of the graphic cards). Anyway that's a long intro so I'm coming to the point :

I booted mac os, and I remember a few years back I was using mac os hotcorner's... It's the only feature I'm missing, sometimes when using the thinkpad in my dock with the mouse, I would rather use the hotcorners rather than the keyboard shortcut...

My goal is to use the Top left corner for launchig the "exposé" feature...

I often use Skippy (super+S) And I was wondering what could be the method to activate hotcorners in openbox ?
I've come across some XFCE tips, but none for openbox... Maybe I've looked at the wrong place...
May be I don't need this... just wondering...

Have a look at brightside.

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Thanks !! I looks very interessting indeed, I will try it !

There is also a couple of threads on the forum - just search for brightside.

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