Hardware database for Manjaro?

Just wondered if a Manjaro database exists, showing which computer hardware is compatible/incompatible with Manjaro, with possible comments by users?

Many thanks in advance for your replies ...

this is the only database I know of

Also check

Many thanks for the database link you gave for the inxi -Fxzc0 terminal output . That was really useful
and have entered the spec for my own two Manjaro laptops into the database :wink:

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My choice is database management from Enteros. I use it for additional features for my MySQL database. So far I didn't have any problems while connecting to other services.

This has nothing to do with the topic in this thread, which was about hardware compatibility with Manjaro. You are quoting a commercial website whose business is database management - do you have a vested interest (financial) in Enteros.com? If you do, this kind of post is unwelcome here :imp:

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By the way, since this thread came up again, I think, there is no need in a distinct hardware DB for Manjaro specifically, since the hardware compatibility in most of the cases only depends on the kernel version.

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