Has anyone tried using a USB-C hub with dual HDMI or Displayport output on a Pinebook Pro running Manjaro ARM

Has anyone tried using a USB-C hub with dual HDMI or Displayport output on a Pinebook Pro running Manjaro ARM? If so, could you recommend one?

I have used my USB-C hub, which has HDMI out (sadly no DisplayPort out), VGA out, ethernet, USB 3 and audio.
And it works fine.
The Hub is one from Prokord.

Is it dual HDMI out?

Nope, it only has one HDMI out.

Would dual HDMI out work on the Pinebook Pro?

I can't see why not. It's just another display. But I have no means of trying it and it would also depend on the OS (kernel) and the support for it.

The Usb Hub from Anoopsyche, the USB works SD Card reader works but not Ethernet. i did not test Hdmi yet

I also is running Manjaro ARM on the Pinebook Pro.
have been trying to get Dell Universal docking to it, via displayport. but cant find i version that works.
i have 2 HDMI conected screens on the docking, and it would be greate to get that up and running.
annyone got an idea?

I've not found a Dell docking station that works with mine yet. Direct monitor connections seem to work fine, apart from USB-C to USB-C.

okay. i have used this docking with other linux distrubutions before. but dont get this one to start.

Has anyone tried this one by VAKO, or is there any reason it might not work with dual HDMI output on the PBP?

Just bought one, so I will report back.

Partial success, but mostly failure.

The USB ports and charging work. I've not tried the VGA or RJ45. My displays don't have any speakers so I can't test the audio.

The video output only works on one orientation of the USB-C output cable. When inserted the other way up, both monitors are blank. Also, when outputting video, I only seem to be able to get both external displays to mirror each other. I've looked in the settings and Manjaro only sees one output display monitor.

Anyone have any insights? @Strit?

I've used mine with Plasma and it can extend the screens just fine (with HDMI at least). Also the Ethernet port worked fine on my test.

Try a different and better quality cable?

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