Has Wine been removed from all installl media?

Has Wine been removed from all install media??

It appears to have been removed from all official editions.

Also, "medias" is not a word. "Media" is already plural. The singular form is "medium".

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I can't recall Wine ever been on an official install media...

Link to an official ISO that has it?

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True, but the misspelling has become so widespread that it is more common than the correct one. I don't think I have ever heard anyone booting the is install medium, but I have often read guides advising people to boot their install media, clearly intending singular sense while using plural form. So the mistake is easy to make for non native english speakers.

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Sorry, but I don't agree with you: install medium is used quite often.

You must have read better quality stuff than I have :slightly_smiling_face:

That kind of invalidates my point though...

Same here. Not on Manjaro and not on any other distro I have used before.

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Didn't id used to be in the KDE medium.

Thank You for pointing that out. And actually I didn't knew that! The use of "medias" is fairly common!

Yes wine, playonlinux and steam used to part of the install medium, atleast on xfce, in 2016

Please link me one offical ISO where Wine And/Or PlayOnLinux was default. Steam is part of it yes, but I can't recall any Manjaro produced media with Wine and/or POL pre-installed.

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